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Welcome to the Academy of Becoming.

World class leaders come from world class people so let us help you be a force to be reckoned with. As a service driven leader you are someone who has big dreams for yourself, your colleagues, and the people that you serve. You want to make a difference in the world and we want to help.

Whether you’re a soccer mom paving the way for your kids, climbing that corporate ladder or sitting in the c suite you’re a leader who has a vision for how this world can be a better place.

Academy of Becoming Highlights

Upcoming new Program!

The Authentic Leadership Program

I am excited to announce a our new Authentic Leadership Program!

The ability to influence others is an inner game. Today’s leaders are being asked to be transparent and authentic. On top of that, stand out, be seen, build powerful teams, land the client or donor funding and… by the way… don’t forget to enjoy your personal life as well; Be a good wife or husband, spend time with your family. Sometimes this can feel like a really tall order. And let’s be real, it is.

Having said that, it is a winnable game! This program will take you where you need to go, standing in the power of your authentic self. 

Find out more about the program here or contact me directly for more information. Our fall session is just around the corner.

 -   Coach Trudy


​People usually think of leadership as being in a position to influence others but at its core leadership is about living the change we wish to see in the world. Personal leadership is about doing the inner work and showing up as your highest self, whether it be for your family, your team, or yourself.


​You’ve got an idea of how things could be better for you and your team and you’re inspired to take things up a level but how to get everyone on board? Typically we feel like we have to have all the answers but the deeper truth is that answers come from building trust and valuing each member for their unique contribution. It’s about creating an environment that supports the creation of your vision.


​You’ve got big dreams for your organization and to make them happen you need effective teams and a healthy bottom line. For those dreams to become reality, it’s your job to show up in a way that invites everyone to align their unique talents with the overall mission and vision of your company. How effective is your environment in supporting the culture that you need for the results that you’re after? If those results you’re looking for are proving elusive, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s out of joint and equip yourself with the right tools.

Trudy Ames, Founder

Trudy is a Leadership and Development Speaker, Mentor, and Coach who helps entrepreneurially spirited and mission minded individuals transform their visions into reality.

A natural leader, Trudy has always felt the pull to step up and take risks when the opportunity to help others presented itself. Her journey started when she was just a child, being intuitively aware of the underlying family dynamic and taking lead by voicing what she saw.

This practice in stepping up later manifested into over 20 years in the nonprofit sector from Board to volunteer, 20 years as an entrepreneur operating real estate investments along the sunshine coast, and over 5 years as a professionally certified business and life coach.

Academy of Becoming is the culmination of what she has come to know: When you cultivate your inner space and couple it with research backed techniques, you create a culture of collaboration and innovation that keeps you at the top of your game.

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“"I was finally able to release the need for control"”


I had been struggling for years with the concept of letting go of control. I’d read lots of books from the great thought leaders, gone to countless seminars, and I’d been coached by close to a dozen coaches over the years. The need to maintain control was deeply embedded in my subconscious.... I was feeling frustrated and anxious Through her skillfulness, I was finally able to release the need for control and realize that it’s all okay…the Universe has my back. If you’re looking for a way to make real change, Trudy is the coach for you.

Pat Schoof - Founder Re-iginite Your Dream

“"Trudy Ames hits the mark!"”


Trudy Ames hits the mark! She provides great insight into leadership mindset. Trudy delivers an impassioned presentation of her content that will jumpstart your leadership impulse. If you are ready to step up, she’s got the goods!

Jackie Lapin - Founder

“"What I love about Trudy is her ability to see things I don’t"”


I have been coaching with Trudy for the last 6 months. When I look at where I was to where I am now, the transformation and progression has been life changing.

What I love about Trudy is the ability to see things I don’t – old thought patterns and resistances – and how they are affecting my present circumstances. Her deep caring for her clients is palpable.

With Trudy’s coaching and support, I’ve made some key changes and advances in my life and my work. I’m on a new and faster trajectory.

Michelle Demers - Principal and Head Coach

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